wizBank™ e-Learning Platform (LMS)


wizBank™ enterprise e-Learning platform is a suite of integrated modules that manages the entire life cycle of education and development. It covers the areas of competency assessment, course authoring, enrollment and approval, course delivery, classroom facility booking, online assessments, progress tracking, course evaluation and reporting. The rich functionality, configurable design, scalable architecture and flexible deployment option of this enterprise e-learning system make the platform of choice for corporations, SMEs and educational institutes to manage the learning process. It provides a cost-effective solution for enterprises with multiple locations and complex organisational structure. It conforms to major international e-learning standards (such as AICC, SCORM) to ensure seamless interoperability and integration with most off-the-shelf online courseware and enterprise applications, such as ERP and HRMS. 



Feature list

Our enterprise e-learning system delivers a range of features including:

• Course and Catalog Management

• Course Delivery & Tracking

• Classroom Training Management

•  Program Management

•  Public Courses

•  Enrollment Processing

•  Exam Management

• CPD/CPT Compliance Management

•  Collaboration

•  User Management

•  Reporting

•  Access Control

• Miscellaneous



Course and Catalog Management

• Set up learning catalog with unlimited hierarchical categories

• Set up courses of various types and assign them to multiple categories

• Set up target learners of courses based on user groups and attributes to control the accessibility

• Set up course reference materials (files, URLs) for previewing course content

• Set up resource library (known as knowledge center) for open access without the need of enrollment and tracking

• Browse, search and enroll courses in learning catalog

• Find recommended/targeted courses

• Pick individual class while enrolling to classroom courses

• Add courses to personalized learning plan

• View learning history and review content of completed courses




Course Delivery & Tracking

•Use our e-learning system to set up courses with total control on course period, online content period, enrollment period, quota, waitlist, completion reminder, course prerequisite, etc.
•Build well-structured training courses with various study and assessment/evaluation modules: reading materials, e-learning courseware, m-learning courseware, video clips, assignment, test, evaluation form, forum, etc.
•Launch and track AICC-compliant and SCORM-compliant courseware based on industry standards
•Launch and track (hits, last access, time spent) other content types (e.g., PPT, PDF)
•Set up module prerequisite, score weighting and completion criteria to control the relation between modules and the overall completion of the course
•Fully customizable online evaluation form to facilitate level-1 evaluation on both online and classroom courses
•Robust and flexible online test module to facilitate level-2 evaluation
•Publish assignments and perform online submission grading



Classroom Training Management

  • Set up courses with class units to manage instructor-led training
  • Schedule joining instructions and reminder emails for classroom participants
  • Keep track of attendance and offline scoring items (e.g. classroom examination, assignments)
  • The e-learning system allows the addition of online modules to turn classroom training into blended training
  • Set up bundle of courses as programs
  • Define compulsory and optional courses as the completion criteria of the integrated training
  • Self-enrollment by learners
  • Auto-enrollment according to target learner setting by system
  • Batch enrollment assigned by training administrators
  • Nomination from supervisors
  • Customizable enrollment approval workflow can be defined in each course
  • Multiple-level approvals by direct supervisors, group supervisors, and/or training administrators
  • Class quota and wait-listing
  • Export enrollment list for offline processing (e.g., as attendance sheet)

Feature list


Exam Management

  • Maintain pools of questions of type multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the blanks, true of false, essay, and scenario
  • Create online test with fixed or random-drawn questions
  • Configure test delivery options (e.g. passing %, time limit, attempt limit, show/hide answers after submission, allow attempts after passing, allow save and suspend)
  • View test result with question item analysis
  • Every question paper generated for each learner attempt is recorded and can be retrieved for audit purpose

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