On-Premises Solution


On-Premise LMS is one of Cyberwisdom LMS solutions which is very flexible for companies whose content manages a higher degree of complexity, security, and requires the content information to be from a local server for compliance training.



If high-security protocols in terms of the information are required from your employees, you have to opt for an On-Premise LMS. This option not only deals with security requirements but is also ideal for compliance training, such that the custom content specifically relating to inhouse operation would not be exposed to internet.



If you require an LMS having to be intensively customized, with special developments and integrations for your company, it is suggested you choose a self-hosted solution, as you can customize it deeply. This let you give the branding image you want and maintain the LMS system within your own servers.



If enough storage capacity are ready and want your LMS solution to be implemented alongside with the other software programs, you can think of to acquire On-Premise LMS.



You have to consider the amount of support you need to contribute for the implementation and use of the LMS. With an On-Premise LMS, you have to take charge of the platform support and deal with any eventuality that may arise.


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