Performance Support

Are you looking for a way to effectively improve performance in your work place? Rely on the performance support application provided by the team at Cyberwisdom. With the implementation of a mobile performance support strategy, mobile technology can be extremely effective in improving talent performance. Supporting and improving the output of your employees is not a difficult concept. It is about supplying the right information and providing efficient access to that information when your employees need it most.

Studies have shown that users forget 90% of what they learn in training, but will remember when they learn from the work. This recognition by employees can be heightened when they have access to the instant assistance our performance support application can provide. It is hard to ignore the benefits of learning and information on demand, in close proximity to work. Workplace learning professionals now find themselves in the middle of conversations about leveraging mobile devices for growth and support.

Ensuring your workers have the assistance they need to deliver their best work is essential for all businesses. The Cyberwisdom solution has a number of features and benefits including:

• Provide instant help to colleagues through mobile device

• Enable strong search function to assist product knowledge

• Offer just enough performance support information based on different roles

• Offer right format in mobile knowledge management

• Deliver rich media optimized for viewing and consumption on your mobile device

• Securely protect data through mobile native APP

• Access the right performer support resources

• Social collaboration in knowledge creation

• Deliver right amount of instant help to the talent

If you would like further information on our application and how it can benefit your business, please get in touch with our team today by calling your nearest office. You can also submit an enquiry online by completing the form provided on the Contact Us page.

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