Bebox Enterprise-Solutions

Business Problems Bebox Solves 

- Deliver consistent training materials, knowledge, information on a timely, scheduled basis

- Minimize complexity related to delivery and scheduling of training for geographically distributed participants

- Manage registration and scheduling, class follow-up, assessments, and evaluations, as well as reporting

- Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of managing Mobile Learning, e-Learning and training extended enterprise channels

Bebox Mobile Learning Solutions 

Overcome real-life training challenges by making use of the practices described in the following scenarios. For all organizations/corporates that require training, from employees, partners and beyond, Bebox can assist you in ensuring that the challenging process of training will become quick, simple and cost-effective.


Safeguard your valuable training data

Bebox Mobile Learning stays fully protected when you focus on your training. Bebox Mobile Learning offers a wealth of security filters and administrative tools. The extensive access control of advanced data encryption, authentication and much more will keep your portal safe at all times.



Deliver Outstanding Education

We support instructor-led classrooms, blended learning, e-Learning, Virtual instructor-led training, Live Broadcast and distance learning. You’re now free to deliver training your way!



Train the Potential Candidates with Courses that offering experience & knowledge which are related to their job positions. Fully utilize the courses & examinations from Bebox Mobile Learning Solution to mirror your specific work environment in order to effectively locate the right candidates.



As a Learning Management System (LMS), discover how Bebox Mobile Learning provides the most efficient training approaches to train new employees. Share the mission & vision, objective and the standard of procedure of your organization with your new employees.



Use a fraction of cost to standardize your law-enforced training. Bebox Mobile Learning provides all the tools you may need to arrange an effective compliance training for your organization via our E-Learning Platform.



Lifelong Training

Encourage your employees to keep improve themselves with the latest knowledge, techniques and expertise within your organization. Discover how lifelong training with the Bebox Mobile Learning Solutions can benefit to your organization and employees.


Sales Training

Whether you are dealing with young sales talents or seasoned business development people, you are able to provide effective training via Bebox e-Learning Platform for your sales team and watch your organization thrive. Discover How the Bebox Mobile Learning Solutions generate the best results for your organizations.


Marketing Training

Raise the standard of your Marketing Team so they are capable of performing the marketing tasks faster, better and cost-effectively. Keep your Marketing Team on top of new & traditional marketing trends and techniques.


Support Training

Keep your Customer Service Team up to date with the company products and processes. Discover how simple it can be to train new & existing Staff by utilizing the strengths of Bebox Mobile Learning Solutions.

Partner Training

Manage the company partners in an easy way and keep them up to date of all current or changing information within the company. Ensure you maintain morale by helping all parties involved to work towards an ultimate objectives.

Customer Training

Educate your customers so they are fully aware of the latest information, product & services of your company . Maintain a good relationship & communication channel with customers through the training to make sure they keep coming back and recommend your company to others.


Extended Enterprise Training

Ensure that your enterprise operates at the highest standards. Make sure that all of your organizations, partners and customers understand the core processes and procedures of your organizations through effective training by Bebox Mobile Learning Solutions.

What is LMS Systems for Business?

Many enterprises acknowledge that enterprise training is valuable, and an enterprise without training will be eliminated by the society. LMS systems for business not only provide learning courses for employees, but also recommend courses to employees according to the enterprise development strategy, provide suitable post courses for the staff in combination with the product business, and record the enterprise curriculum in reference with the enterprise culture, all of which make the staff fully understand and capable of carrying out the enterprise strategy.

Promoting the Implementation of Enterprise Strategy

The enterprise online learning system can recommend training courses that meet the employees’ needs to employees according to the enterprise development strategy, which helps improve employees’ consciousness and working skills; enterprises train staff in combination with their own enterprise culture can save the cost of training. According to the personal characteristics of the employees, the department managers can make the courses suitable for their own employees, thus promoting the executive ability and comprehensive ability of the employees to promote the implementation of the enterprise strategy.

Assisting Enterprises to Establish the Online Training Systems for Their  Employees

The enterprise online cloud-based LMS helps enterprises build a perfect training system. First of all, the enterprise learning system provides a platform for employees to learn at any time and anywhere. Secondly, it provides a large number of excellent courses of famous teachers and maintains the leading updating speed of the industry. Thirdly, it assists enterprises in setting up a training system, clarifying responsibilities, and linking learning with performance. Besides, it helps enterprises establish annual training plan and decide what for the staff to learn and when to learn. Finally, through systematic online and offline tutoring, enterprises can easily carry out the training.

E-Learning Solutions Continuously Improve the Enterprise Benefit

Through enterprise online learning system, the staff can learn online, which saves travel expenses and reduce the cost of training; online learning allows the staff to learn whenever and anywhere, which eases the conflict between working and learning; scientific learning process together with simple training management improves the training efficiency; the offline service guidance creates a learning atmosphere, which helps the enterprises grow.