Game-Based Learning

Are you looking for a way to engage users on an entirely different level? Game-based learning solutions are a great way to ensure your participants remain involved in the learning process and achieve their goals (whatever they may be) sooner. Here at Cyberwisdom, we are well aware of the benefits this approach can offer website and business owners, and would like to share these advantages with our clients.

Have you ever heard the term of ‘Gamification’? 

Game-based learning solutions or ‘gamification’ is the process of using game thinking and mechanics to solve problems and engage users. The concept can be applied to both customer facing applications and employee facing applications in the company’s business model. Enterprise architects must be ready to manage a variety of ‘player types’ (achievers, socialisers, explorers, and killers) and deployment scenarios.

What can Gamification be used for?

Making educational materials as engaging as possible will not only ensure the user pays attention, but may result in them retaining the information better. Gamification is not only a great way to improve customer engagement, it can also be used to train, educate and improve the productivity of your employees or students.

Adding the gamification experience to your site is also an ideal way to boost the actions your site receives and increase engagement from your users, whether it be in the form of shares on social media, comments and feed engagement.

While traditional methods of training and engagement can offer great results, game-based solutions are able to offer a variety of extra benefits. These include:

• Cost-effectiveness

• Low physical risk/liability

• Standardlized assessments allowing student-to-student comparisons

• Highly engaging

• Learning pace tailored to individual student

•  Immediate feedback in response to student mistakes

• Student can easily transfer learning to real-world environment

• Learner is actively engaged

gamebase gamification_infographic1