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Effective Instructional Design 2 What is the process of e-learning development

Why e-learning?

• Economical

• Adaptable

• Standardize

• Accessible

• Personal

• Measurable

Why e-learning is effective?

• Reduce cost

• Easy updating

• Consistent knowledge

• Convenient and portable

• High retention rate

What is the process of e-learning development?

Key Features

Effective Instructional Design

Unlike classroom training, there is no captive audience for e‑Learning programs. Learners are just one click away from the exit. Effective instructional design is of paramount importance to engage, motivate and inspire target learners.We have a specific courseware instructional design framework which is shown as follows

Different Fascinated Approaches

  • Interactive

To introduce the informational knowledge of the training. This type of courseware will use lots of animation, photos and games to demonstrate key concepts and explain workflow. Interactive games, revision and quizzes can reinforce understanding of the learning process. According to Adult Learning Theory and our experiences, a short interaction will be designed every 5-10 minutes intervals.

  • System Simulation

To illustrate samples with “See-it-mode” and “Do-it-mode”. Procedures of operating the systems can be clearly illustrated and the learners can easily grab the features and functions of them.

  • Scenario Simulation 

To illustrate real-life scenarios encountered usually in practice. Scenarios to interact with people and to meet different situation will be provided. Learners will be asked to participate in the scenario to make their choices.

Proven Methodology

Our proven methodology is the culmination of many years of practical experience in content development. It provides a framework and many useful tools for the project team to plan, analyze, design, implement, evaluate and maintain the courseware.

Standards-compliant Tracking Capabilities

We have tools to publish the courseware automatically in common e‑Learning standard formats, such as AICC and SCORM, to facilitate interoperability with any standards-compliant Learning Management System and to provide the necessary tracking functionalities. As we know that one of the important merits of e-Learning is the ability to know the usage and performance of learners by some tracking functions of the package. We can build in some tracking and reporting to ensure that valuable data can be collected from the learners. Usage and Performance statistics include:

Hit Counts

• Time Spent

• Last Accessed Time

• Completion Status

• Assessment Scores

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